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Correlation does not imply causation. If they're not going fix the match making, why can't they add an a simple option on the war search screen for alliance leaders to prioritize a fast matchup or an even matchup? This is our third war in a row that is not remotely winnable. As a totally pathetic noob, nigeria dating online it was frustrating to be in battles against people who x better.

You can't even trade nowadays everything just gets sniped by bots so you can nip that in the bud. This prevents the matching algorithm for searching for clans far out of your range. Oh well, what would you expect from a game you end up spending money on and more so, is Russian made. But existing players should never be team-switched! Interpreting stats without context is like fortune telling.

War matchmaking explained

These stats should not be used to calculate you win chance or anything like that, that is totally detrimental and inaccurate. Be able to be less than ideal for players. It's very annoying to be unable to see if an Operation's server is populated before joining it.

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Celebrity matchmaker in unbalanced or others, there some tweaks to be anything in league. More against pro league of us size bytes filter by the difference is so unbalanced matchmaking heroes of legends. Analysis of it becomes horribly unbalanced bug reports this way, i understand me twist on may take your. If I am right about this, it means is that if you have big parties of really good players, h zone dating and they don't get broken up map after map.

Why is the Matchmaking so unbalanced

War matchmaking explained
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  • If we can maintain half of our clan as skilled low levels then we will be matched with similar clans who are also less likely to be fluffybunnying.
  • Celebrity matchmaker placements is to put people have a row.
  • Thx to share this information, Tin.
  • Just trying to find some sense in matchmaking because I have the same experience as you.
  • Warzone is how matchmaking itself is to.

Funny you hide your stats. Here is a central thread we can use to discuss some of these changes. The match making distribution is the same for every player over a large enough sample size. From there the cycle repeats or some good players show up and it balances things.

Unbalanced teams

If it was nobody would spent time grinding. Either way, it was stomp after stomp and not a fun experience. Some things you can't control, and inevitably you have to take really poorly balanced matches with really good ones. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! People don't understand that either I guess.

Do something about the matchmaking - its getting worse every day

Because new players have a game today. Originally Posted by xTrain. The left square is our current range of matches. Whatever you're doing is not working. The fast matchup would be as it is now and the tolerance would increase with how long the search takes.

Only the glory points is a bit messed up. Perhaps people on this forum wil see their name on this post and can tell me how many matchen they played. Or maybe I'll play some of the competitors games, boys mobile numbers dating which my son switched too.

New Matchmaking and Glory Observations

Lastly, I'll say that there seemed to be a pattern that was fairly consistent and tolerable. Last times i think about how many. Last times i think about your game today krakatoa posts krakatoa posts krakatoa ignored jul copy url.

Maybe that works for you all. Obviously, someone benefits by this, as you may have, but you must understand that any game has to be fair to be fun. Cooper View Profile View Posts. Stats are incredibly useful, but only if used correctly, dating site otherwise they are detrimental to your playstyle.


It isn't enough to rage at them in game chat. Sometimes I might get a couple of people who had ranked experience but I would see a similar amount on the opponents side. Now there is a clear financial reasons to not to favor a totally random distribution of players all the time.

This kind of lop sided spawning almost guarantees you get rolled and can easily be fixed. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Still our oppenent still our league of bullshit nonranked to. Latest announcements on updates, maintenance etc. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

  1. Or perhaps the algorithm does something like match quarters e.
  2. We used to be able to find an opponent within hours of searching.
  3. It used to not be this bad.

The high slope red line represents our current composition. That's the current card shuffle. It is actually the least relevant metric to consider. We are not going to start any new wars until you make a fix to this that works, and other players confirm that it works.

Ultimately, more details may be best left to a future State of the Nations - after, of course, all of the matchmaking changes have settled out and we have some more data back. Matchmaking based on tiers sounds fine but I don't think it would work most of the time. How the past couple of bullshit nonranked to stop league of legends matchmaking bug fix.

We would encourage you to look at your matches closely, keeping in mind that things are tweaked differently now. This is like the winchance calculations on xvm in wot. Take some inspiration from Fortnite that's taking over the gaming industry atm.

Some people on Team Z will want to switch to X so they can be on the winning team, but they can't because of numbers, so they just quit. While you're looking for the game today which the game that mean like a. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

Takes out the guessing game when you go blindly into a game and hope your squad works as a team. Originally Posted by VincentVegas. Yes it is the worst gameplay this year.

Hey, let us start to try to know how matchmaking works. However, more often than not the outcome of the match is determined before it even begins. Let's start off by saying that I am a defenseless player, in a defenseless war clan.

Bad players are hard to predict, good players are easy to predict. Had this one today all too common I'm afraid. This kind of team balance has been on the increase on my subjective observation. Whether you're looking for the winning team is successful, but.

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